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New Boiler Installed in Stratford

Today we have just installed a new combination boiler in Stratford London.

Late last week we got a call out to very dangerous boiler that was not burning the gas well and a flue that was not extracting safely. The boiler was 13 years old and the house has been developed and by the looks the boiler had been knocked about by all the building work. After speaking to the owner we condemned the boiler largely because of the new window being installed right next to the flue! Having a flue next to the window meant that carbon monoxide was been extracted from the boiler and could come straight back through the open window.

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We produced a quote and won the work and replaced the boiler. As soon as the work was completed we notified building control officers in Stratford informing them we have installed a brand new boiler to code.

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Boiler condemned Stratford

Condeming a boilers is not done easily, unfortunately we are now required to do this as part of our registration. We are really uneasy about Condeming a boiler and will always visibly show you any issues. We are totally happy for anyone to take a second opinion

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