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Single Pipe Radiator Central Heating

Today we attended a plumbing job on the Isle of Dogs, just outside Canary Wharf on a single pipe radiator system. The client was not happy with the heat output of the living Room radiator. Single pipe central heating or (single loop central heating) is notorious for not being totally efficient when comparing them to the modern standard flow and and return central heating. A number of properties across the Isle of Dogs similar central heating setups. Additionally the client had a old rusting low BTU output radiator which we swapped for a modern efficient radiator. We also ran new pipe work so that both connections where not at the bottom of the radiator any longer and therefore forcing heat to flow across the whole radiator. It looks neater to have both pipes at the bottom, but as it was a single pipe central heating system this needed extra help to get the room warm.

Single Loop Radiator

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Single Loop Radiator

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Isle of Dogs Plumbing Tesimonial

Paul was great! He explained that single pipe central heating systems can have a few more problems than the standard but set out and balanced the central heating system so that all the radiators were warm finally! He did point out the system was fairly old and would need replacing sooner than later. Excellent work and good price!

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