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We recently have attended a plumbing job in Loughton as one of the customers was complaining that his new cooker and boiler was not performing particularly well. We attended the house in Loughton and quickly discovered that the gas pressure wasn’t correct and was down in┬ámillibar. It was apparent that the gas pipework running to the boiler and gas hob was all undersized and was well below any tolerances. We spoke to the client and then recommended a new gas pipework running from the boiler through to the gas meter outside and also to be spured off a new pipework running for the gas hob. Effectively replumbing the whole gas supply. We also recommended that the gas regulator on the meter should be checked but this was Transco responsibility. That we informed the client that they would pick up that the pipework coming off the gas meter was all undersized and would pass comment, hence why we replace pipework prior to them attending site. Plus they would check the whole sytem over for them. Before leaving site, we checked that the boiler and gas hob had no damage caused by being subject to having poor gas pressure. The Loughton client was clearly happy with our plumbing work and saw immediate benefit from our works. He was also very kind in texting that he was happy with our plumbing and that he could see the immediate benefits upon his return from work.

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