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One of our plumbing clients from Bow London contacted us because it was just about to start a new kitchen installation and this required moving the current boiler to a different location at the rear of the property. The current boiler was installed in a cupboard in the middle of the house on the second story. The client wanted this removed as the noise of the boiler at night turning on and off was keeping them awake and they wanted this put into the kitchen that was just about to be installed and fitted.

We sat with a Bow client to discuss possible routes for the new pipework to the boiler. The client wanted the boiler relocation to cause minimal disruption internally as possible, so they opted to have a new gas connection run from the gas meter at the front of the property to the location of the new boiler at the rear the property. This pipework was run externally around the edge of the property in order to minimise any disruption internally by rerouting pipework. All of the gas pipework were securely clipped to secure the 22 mm copper pipe.

The pipework was running 22 mm copper pipe and when it went through the wall it was sleeved. All work was notified as the boiler was relocated.

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