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Gas Flue Inspection Hatch

Over the weekend we just installed an boiler flue inspection hatch into some plasterboard that was covering the boiler flue in Stratford East London. As part of being Gas Safe registered it is necessary when attending a boiler to inspect the flue and all its connections. When a flue has been covered by plasterboard we need to cut a hole in the covering so that we can see that the flue is still in intact and not split open at all. Importantly this is to makesure the occupants of the house are not in danger from carbon monoxide.

Gas Flu Inspection Hatch

Installing a inspection hatch is exceptionally quick and took less than half an hour as we stock the parts on the van. Most inspection hatches are plain flat white and can be hardly been seen if the wall is painted white behind it. The gas flue inspection hatches we install are 30 x 30.

So if your a house owner or a the tenant of a house in the Stratford area that has a concealed boiler flue, please contact us today and we can arrange a time that we can attend Stratford and install an inspection hatch for your boiler.

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